Thursday, October 31, 2013

Geico Problem

The only TV I watch is (a) live sports, or (b) the ESPN/NFL network (everything else is off commerical free steaming Netflix).  So the main commercials I see are geared for men, which means (a) insurance, (b) cars, (c) crazy medications, and (d) beer.

Like most people, I think the Geico commericals are very good, a quite memorable.  Their ad execs must have superpowers or something, because I'd say it's one of the best campaigns of the past 10-15 years.  So much so that when my wife and I first got a car, we went with Geico.  

Here's the problem: they sucked

We found this out when some idiot hit our parked car in a parking garage.  Geico had the car fixed with authorized mechanics who messed it up so badly, repeatedly, that we had to get a new car.  And new insurance.

As a result, while I can enjoy their commercials, I know they put way more money into their ads than into their service/product.

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