Thursday, November 12, 2009


Curmudgeon Alert: Look, I realize that it must be fun to have a powerful motorized kinetic-force-delivering machine strapped to one's back. But holding aside the fuel consumption angle, from the perspective of *noise* - leafblowers are hell. Would it really kill these guys to use a rake?!

Update: An illustrative 'toon from one of my favorites, Citizen Dog:

Top pic from here.


shanna said...

Mostly agreed, but Eliezer's current favorite activity is holding a long cylindrical object against one hip (ideally while wearing a backpack) and playing "lawnblower." Do you really want to take that joy away from him?

JC said...

Heaven forfend! But then again, show him Ghostbusters and make him believe it's a proton-pack.

shanna said...

I think GB may scare them a bit too much - maybe in another couple of years? Much better use of the backpack + paper towel tube combination, for sure.