Monday, November 30, 2009

Back When I Cared About Krugman

As you can tell, I'm heavily into cleaning up my backposts and I felt this was timeless enough to post in real-time. It's a peek back to the bad Bush years and the temporary hero of the moderate-progressive majority of America.

The link below was originally posted on Monday, November 06, 2006 11:34 PM, back when the Times was behind a pay-firewall and the only thing I cared to read was Paul Krugman. Ironically, it was the last column of his relevancy. Because after the 2006 Midterms, we discovered that the country actually hated the GOP (and by extension Bush) and Krugman's role as lone crusader was replaced with his anti-Obama hate. Ah well, good times to remember the Bush Dystopia of 2004-2006.
Hey, I managed to get the Krugman today! Here's the basic text. Yummy:
"Limiting the Damage" By PAUL KRUGMAN.

President Bush isn’t on the ballot tomorrow. But this election is, nonetheless, all about him. The question is whether voters will pry his fingers loose from at least some of the levers of power, thereby limiting the damage he can inflict in his two remaining years in office."
When will Krugman be redeemed? Maybe, if as I predicted, he'll become the next Secretary of the Treasury.

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