Thursday, December 04, 2008

Four Old Styxes (Update)

I found a bunch of my old files and have been struggling to convert them from Mac to PC. Back in '99 I was unmarried, ungraduated but working as a rabbinic intern in a big shul and it's striking that many of my core ideas have remained fairly consistent. But it's also striking that I have forgotten how many issues that used to fill me with interest and emotion no longer live in my brain. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyway, I've decided to reprint excerpts from the original Life in the Styx (most over 10 years old), in one way to show that I was blogging before the internet was much off the ground - emphasizing my claim that The Styx is truly the Oldest Blog in the World (tm).
  1. Styx v4n29 (March 5, 1997) Topics include: domestic terrorism, spending time in the Queens Jewish Community, Atari 2600, and Rabbi Avi Weiss.
  2. Styx v4n12 (Oct 31, 1997) Excerpt topic: collecting Beanie Babies.
  3. Styx v4n40 (May 15, 1998); topics were the death of Sinatra, the end of Seinfeld, nuclear India, and Palestinian violence.
  4. Styx v6n24 (May 20, 1999) Topics: 1999 Israeli Elections and William Faulkner

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