Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tags; Misanthropic Entertainment

When Blogger first introduced 'tags' I went nuts and started labeling posts with single-use tags. I thought it was fun. Even though I was only 3 years younger than I currently am, I am embarrassed by my doofusness (doofosity?). Making one use labels was cutesy for the writer (me) but not for a reader. Especially since each blog on Blogger(tm) has a search window in the upper-left corner that allows the reader to search for odd phrases, rendering such single-use tags as unnecessary clutter.

One reason I'm back in grad-school, and in the social sciences, is because I'm a deep lexicographer at heart. I instinctively divide and analyze experience and knowledge into categories. I do it as part of how I understand the world but also to teach others how to understand the world.

The blogger-tags are like subject headings in a library. And I need to treat them as such. So I clearing them up; cleaning up single-use tags and introducing big categories. There were some before (e.g. "Our Broken Press") but now I'm trying to make that the norm.

An example is the last two posts which are part of a new category: misanthropic entertainment. Even though this post contains those words, the topic isn't about that subject... a lexicographic nightmare.


ptjew said...


You are quite the prolific writer. Might I make a suggestion. 1) we all know that you have blogged before there were blogs. 2) blogspot allows back dating of blogs.

So in conclusion you can take your old blog posts and post them here and state they were posted in 199x etc. I was thinking of doing this myself with some old diaries from the 80's. Or even using memory and posting this happened on this date. What do you think? Anyway I think it would be nice to see all of your "work" in one place. I have been waiting for years to read this post about you liking lexo whatever to tell you this. Similar to me saving recycling for years until it came to my neighborhood in pittsfield, nah not quite the same.

OK sorry again for hijacking your blog.

JC said...

PTjew, you are right. I am working on how to incorporate the even older blog (called Styx-Archive) and the non-blog blog into this one. In the future, I'll put these old ones in their right date and make mention in a short piece.

ptjew said...

I sense a big stream of blog entries. This is your pattern. No blog entries since Dec 4. And then more blogs per day on the average than if there were two pages per day for 14 days.

JC said...

Indeed. It usually is based on technology.