Thursday, September 20, 2007

Proof I Like Guns: MadOgre

[Backpost addendum: I've made a few posts that talk about gun control, but this is to show how I do like guns]

So I do like guns and have for years. When I was a early teenager in Ithaca, I would like visiting the Uris Library reference room because they had many references books on weapons.

Totally True Story: This acquired information came in handy on my first day in Machal in Camp Moshava I/O. How I got to that camp is a whole other long story, but for the purposes of this anecdote, know that this was the first and only year I was there and I didn't come with a cohort of friends (most people there had been going for years with the same group of friends). So I was settling into my bunk, getting used to the filth and squalor of Moshava back in 1987, and a bunch of these New Jersey yeshiva H.S. kids were trying to size me up. One of them, a very big guy with muscular arms, I'll call him Jacques, took out two knives and held them up by his head, facing me, and asked if I had ever seen such great knives before.

I was a cagey survivor type, even back then, and coolly I replied that I prefer guns to knives, specifically the Browning High Power 1936 because of it's large ammo capacity and significant muzzle velocity. Jacques kinda blanched, thought that I had a good point in the gun/knife debate, and we became friendly. This was the only time, so far, that I can say that guns saved me some weird violent grief.

Anyway, as I've mentioned elsewhere, the amazing internet has saved wee lads like myself from needing ink and pulp encyclopedias to get our recondite info and fulfill masculine fantasies. So in my online searches, I came across a fun gun info place: MadOgre. Note, like many of the pro-gun camp, he feels the need to craze out with anti-Democratic-Party screeds. Ah well. Ignore that part and his gun knowledge and attitude is worth the read.

Probably his best stuff are his analysis of gun-use in particular movies. He suggests how and why characters are using the guns they do. Note, this is basically Ogre critiquing the specific movie's gun-tech expert - because it's rare for a big budget action film to not have some ex-IDF nudge on the payroll to choose hardware. Taken in that light, it's like hearing how those movie-gun-techs go about their decisions.

As a result, I thank Ogre for cluing me into Boondock Saints, which I like, and Equilibrium, which was OK. Here's a list of the articles:

The Guns of the Matrix

The Guns of HEAT

The Guns of RONIN

The Guns of Equilibrium

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