Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hillary's Experience

There's this concept that Hillary Clinton has 'experience' (and Obama does not). A number of people have wondered what exactly this means since she has only been in the senate for ONE TERM. And, sure, she was first lady of Arkansas, and then the U.S. But, to put it bluntly, is sleeping with an important person considered leadership experience?

Because I'm sympathetic to feminist principles (no, I can't call myself a feminist), Hillary's whole candidacy drives me crazy. Her claim to high office - first for Senate and now President - is based entirely on HER HUSBAND. And don't give me the guano that Bill would be nothing without Hill. She is the very worst thing about Bill - she's got a tin ear for policy, governance, people, emotions. He is a galvanizing speaker, a charismatic thinker, and a very very smart man. She is a dime-a-dozen Wellesley grad with an average mind and average talents. Am I missing anything? Would she be anything but a lawyer if she didn't marry Bill?

Anyway, I believe the "experience" canard is actually a code-word. It' shorthand for "My Husband." Many people are going to vote for her because they want 4-8 more years of Bill Clinton. I can't blame them. And, anti-feminist as it is, that is exactly what she's selling: hire me because I'm only my husband's wife.


Anonymous said...

by 2008:
Clinton will have had 78 years in the senate
Oabama: less than 3

big difference. plus as first lady, she was just a trophy wife or traditional hostess, but worked on projects and policies. (maybe poorly, but she did have experience).

JC said...

"Clinton will have had 78 years in the senate"

It'll just feel that way.

Anonymous said...

sorry, it should have bee 7-8

JC said...

Thought so, but the opportunity to poke Hillary is too much to resist.