Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Travesty of Justice

TPM's Paul Kiel gives a rundown of who has resigned at the Dept. of Justice recently. The following is my editing of his data:
  1. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, 8/27/07.
  2. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, 5/14/07.
  3. Acting Assoc. AG, William Mercer (the Dept. #3), withdrawing from the nomination 6/22/07
  4. Kyle Sampson, Gonzales' chief of staff, 3/13/07.
  5. Department White House liaison, Monica Goodling, 4/6/07
  6. Michael Elston, McNulty's chief of staff, 6/15/07
  7. Executive Director of the Executive Office of United States Attorneys Michael Battle, mid-February.
  8. Bradley Schlozman, an attorney in the Counsel to the Director staff at the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, formerly the U.S. attorney for Kansas City and a former acting assistant attorney for the Civil Rights Division, mid August.
  9. Assistant AG for the Civil Rights Division Wan Kim, 8/23/07
To recap: The AG, his chief of staff, his 2 senior deputies, and other heads of offices. Resigned. Their families must have been lonely, eh?

While the morons of the world still think that the Attorney Scandal is just an 'overblown personnel matter' - and it's not - the scandal did reveal that the DOJ is filled to the gorge with incompetents, blind ideologues, and scoundrels.

It's hard to explain to the detached American voting public - whose brains seem stuck on an endless TiVo loop of monkeys in clown suits - that this is a bad thing. But the department of Justice is important. More important than American Idol and Paris Freakin' Hilton, if you can imagine.

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