Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Carter UFO Report

I'm on vacation and I've decided to spend a few in between moments trying to clean out the 'drafts' section on the blog. That said, the computer I'm using for this housecleaning is a seized-up laptop. I hate laptops, and while I appreciate the mobility, the lack of a mouse is driving me buggy. Even an external mouse doesn't eliminate the stiff 'mousepad' that is directly in path of my typin' hands - making for unintended button clicking (e.g. like the one that sent this post to be published long before I had intended it to.)

The following is from a number of months ago.

Evidently, in 1969 Jimmy C saw a UFO. And he filed a report. Yup. He was a full bore loony-toony way before he became president. Check it out: Carter UFO Report

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