Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Pringles

OK, I realize this is meaningless, but recently I performed a taste test of three of the new, kosher, 'reduced fat' pringle flavors: (1) Sweet Mesquite Barbecue, (2) Tomato Mozzarella, (3) Savory Cheddar (the last two are OU-D).

(1) Sweet Mesquite Barbecue - this title is marketspeak for just plain ol' Barbecue. The 'sweet mesquite' may explain why barbecue potato chips of all prices, sizes and sophistication taste the same and taste nothing like actual barbecue. Why not call them Orange flavor? That's the color they all sport and the taste is much more similar to the round fruit than to grilled meat.

That said, a low-fat pringle BBQ chip isn't a bad thing to have around. Good with hot-dogs.

(2) Tomato Mozzarella - These are nasty. It's hard to imagine why anyone would want to eat a chip that tastes - strongly - like a sweet tomato. I'm getting a taste-headache just thinking about it. This has been a popular taste option outside the US (I remember eating tomato chips in England back in 1981) and that's probably why Pringles wanted to introduce them into the US: doubtless because there's a massive stockpile of 'tomato flavor' somewhere in Mexico that Procter & Gamble bought sight-unseen and now they need to unload it on unsuspecting fat people.

(3) Savory Cheddar - another marketing title. The first few chips didn't taste any different from a regular pringle but I realize now that was because of 'package settling' or somesuch. This is the best of the new flavors because each chip is (or should be) sprinkled with the orange "cheeze" substance they put on The Doodles. It's still not as good as eating an actual doodle, but ya take what you can get in my snacking world.

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