Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Delusions About Lieberman - Part Billion + 1

I've just wandered through another blog comments section and I'll tell you, it scares me. I recommend you do that for any leftist blog about Lieberman and you will ask yourself this question: "Why is it that discussions about Lieberman turn into rants against Israel and/or attacks on his Jewishness?"

Happens every time.

Now, I know liberals, and I have never heard them talk like this. I have a feeling that the people who write into the Blog Comments are almost all students or unemployed. Students (High School, College, Graduate) have now grown up in the email/weblog culture and they take to the artificial empowerment in a scary way. They also don't have authentic liberalism; some have called it anarchism or nihilism (which I saw often during my school days) but that gives these infants too much credit.

It's Extended Adolescence. We've extended the age of immaturity from 13 - good ol' Second Temple era Bar Mitzvah age - to (at least) 30. And these children have income from somewhere, unformed infantile beliefs, and hormone-driven rage against everything not ideologically pure.

This is not a hysterical rant against 'blogs' (I leave that to Lee Siegel). I felt that attacking the 'blog' is like attacking the printing press. How can you attack a medium?!

My criticism is about the culture and money that festers in the internet that is to politics like the adolescent popcorn flick is to movies. Hollywood has been motivated for the past two/three decades to make brain-dead films to sell to teenagers. By doing so, the whole movie culture has been warped to feed that demand (and movie-makers have slowly realized that a cruddy movie doesn't sell past the first weekend).

Well the leftist-blog world, or "netroots" as they call themselves, has transformed the political world into popcorn.

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