Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Concern Troll - Part 3

A sociological analysis of why the "netroots" hate bothers me (and many, uh, normal people). I think it's because when I meet a jerk in real life, I walk away resolving to avoid that person in the future. What makes the Netroots Hatred so difficult is that not only is it difficult to avoid on many of the best websites but it is compounded by the privacy/intimacy/anonymity that makes the internet so attractive.

People spend hours online because its the quintessence, so far, of the Information Age (the final step will be 3-D cerebral hologramophonic nanochips - though at that point evolution will stop). Online one can be anonymous, alone yet surrounded by information, commerce, schmutz, and completely controlled personal interactions.

However, on the Netroot Hate Blogs the bubble of protection is swiftly jackbooted by these cranked up adolescents. It's jarring.

The sad thing is that they think they are being effective. They will get squashed - badly - just like they were in 1972.

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