Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Steelers Week 2, Quick comments

So, the silver lining of our latest humiliating beat-down, is that no pro-bowl starter had a season ending injury. That's how bad things are in Pittsburgh... that's our silver lining. Look, I hope the signs are right and the AFC is as bad as it looks because the AFC North looks like its going to be won with 9-7 and the wildcard may also be 9-7 (see 2002).

Another silver lining is that we're actually getting better. I can't blame Haley for this, because our problem is (a) the key offensive players are currently injured, some for the year; (b) the rest of the key offensive players are either rookies or joined the team after the preseason. Logically, I can't expect them to play that well, especially against two very good defensive teams.

The defense also has two rookies as inside linebackers! And we need, NEED, turnovers!

I do feel things will get better, but I think we need to wait until Heath is back... and even better when Spaeth can join him.

And if you see what the Patriots are going through, if they played the Titans and Bengals maybe they'd be 0-2.

More later.

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