Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick point about Syria

I'm someone who is usually confident in my ability to suss out the logical and moral direction in tough circumstances. That's why they pay me the big bucks (if one got paid big bucks to do that). I support Israel, even their current set of clowns in government, and I support Obama. I don't shy away from calls to war, and I believe that removing Assad from power is the ultimate goal for the region and, most importantly, for humanity. I am a social scientist, a rabbi, a philosopher. And, after all that, I can tell you that I have no freakin' idea what to do about Syria.

And I feel a need to give all that background because many Jewish organizations have been haranguing me, and the US government, to act on Syria. I hear many many people, especially my Israeli friends on Facebeook, that Obama needs to bomb Syria yesterday and since he hasn't that Obama proves he's a ninny. There's quite a lot of confidence in the words of the orgs & friends. And that is frightening. Because I can't see a good path to removing Assad. Why do these people think it's so simple?

Look, if there was a way to get the world together to remove Assad - for crimes against humanity - without risking chemical attacks against Israel, I'd be all for it. The problem with Syria (who, in my estimation, is synonymous with Iran) is the same problem a few miles East in North Korea. NK threatens the world, Iran threatens the world, but both punks have a Big Brother with a Big Stick: Russia for Iran/Syria, China for North Korea. And those scummy Big Brothers make this whole concept - making the world safe - very hard.

So all of you who think the answer is simple, who think that Obama is bad because he's not attacking Syria (which would lead to a chemical attack on Haifa), or who think everything is simple: please shut up.

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