Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Which Wins, British or Genius? Hawking Proves it's British

The British seem to harbor an inveterate anti-Semitism. It probably comes from their long-held racist colonialism. Who knows, but it's something wise people have noticed for years: when faced with a decision, a Brit will opt to hate, and hate Jews.

Hence we should not be surprised that arguably the smartest man alive, Steven Hawking, is boycotting Israel. He may be a genius, but he has to hate first, because that's the British way.

Look, I like it when people out themselves for what they are. I'm sad to see Hawking is one of them, but he can now join T.S. Eliot and others like him in the hall of shame.

Bonus quote from the above article:
"“If Israel wants peace, it will have to talk to Hamas,” Hawking said at the time. “Hamas are the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people, and cannot be ignored.”"
Which confirms another basic piece of wisdom - an expert in one field should not be consider an expert in another one. Put another way: stick to Physics, bigot.

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