Friday, May 10, 2013

Styx Rule #5

When another's behavior is illogical, most likely you're missing the key facts that would make it logical.

Corollary: people are more often crazy than stupid.
Corollary: people are more often stupid than evil.

Note: I shouldn't have to say this, but as I'm making rules, I should try to be thorough: this all depends on context. I'd say that was a Styx Rule, expect it's so necessary, and so obvious, that I feel it would arrogant to claim it as my rule. It's like trying to claim "Know Thyself." Both are above and beyond my creative ability.

The corollaries are there to modify the issue of logic. I.e., When someone does something illogical, it's common for observers to assume the person is stupid or evil (and depending on the action, they may jump to crazy, especially if it's a heinous crime). I want to add in the "crazy" - and, sorry for the political correctness, I'm subsuming all forms of neurological disorders under that term (aphorisms are terse, and "abnormal psychology" is more friendly than crazy, but you can't make an aphorism without breaking some eggs).

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