Thursday, July 26, 2007

Muslim Humor, Nasrudin

This is a letter I sent to Sullivan, in response to some weird jingo, where he posited that Muslims have no sense of humor (mainly because he, a Oxbridge educated Pom didn't know of any). As usual, he did nothing with it. No follow up, nothing.
Sure there's Muslim humor. For example, see the stories of Nasrudin. My favorite, and I should emphasize I'm an Orthodox Rabbi and I find these stories capable of being universally applied to all clergy:
Ignore the Braying
A neighbor comes to Nasreddin Hoja.
"Would you lend me your donkey today, Hoja?" the neighbor asks, "I have goods to transport to the next town."
The Hoja answers: "I'm sorry, but I've already lent her to somebody else."
Suddenly the donkey is heard braying loudly behind a wall.
"You lied to me, Hoja!" the neighbor exclaims, "There is the donkey!"
"What do you mean?" the Hoja replies indignantly, "Whom would you rather believe, a donkey or your Hoja?"
All the best, JC
My wife knows not to start me on reading Nasrudin humor (which I discovered after reading reams of quote books and signature files in the early internet days. Great stuff Nasrudin. It shows that the Muslims who the rest of the world will most likely appreciate the most are the Sufis.

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