Friday, April 26, 2013

More Proof that Belichek is the Devil

As I heard about the Vikings to New England trade last night, I emitted an expletive and wondered aloud, how did Belichek manage to make this trade, in this year of all years when EVERYONE wanted to make a trade down. And they were at 29! I used to think BB just cheated (as had been documented on videotape), but now I realize that he is, in fact, Mephistopheles. Well, at least that's settled. Here's Grantland with the details (and an echo of my sentiments):
Minnesota acquires the 29th overall pick from New England for the 52nd, 83rd, 102nd, and 229th picks.
Quantitative winner: New England (59.5 percent more in return)
Real-life winner: New England

Note the dramatic gulf between what Stuart's model thought of the difference in value across the first four trades and what it thought of this one. The Patriots, simply put, took the Vikings to the cleaners. It's incredible that Bill Belichick seems to pull this off every year, but it's even more impressive in this draft.
Smell the brimstone fella, it's Belichek.

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