Friday, January 04, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

The top 4 are likely to be Broncos, Patriots & Seahawks, Packers. I would love to see a Broncos vs 'Niners Superbowl because this year the AFC looks dominant (i.e. the AFC best is better than NFC's) and I need the niners to lose a Superbowl. It's all about them being 1.000 in Superbowls (5 of 5) and if they win another one without losing then they'll have as many wins as the Steelers but a better record.

In any case, I believe the 2 best teams are the Broncos and Seahawks and that's who I'd predict for the last round.

As for tomorrow and Sunday, I can't really tell. I know what I'd like, I'd like the Ravens and Bengals to both lose, but that may not happen.

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