Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tonight's Election, part 1

I haven't written much about the election tonight but, naturally, I have much to say.
  1. I endorse Obama 100% for president. It's a no-brainer. The GOP has become a party of actual evil. It's depressing how stark the choice is.

  2. I can dan l'kaf zhut for the frum Jews who want to support Romney, but to do give them the benefit of the doubt I need to accept that (a) they aren't racist (a tough argument to make since I have found out, to my horror, many many passive racists in the community, (b) that the vote for Romney is based on a faulty belief that either Obama is bad for Israel (which he's not) or Romney will be better for Israel (even less chance for that, see below); and that (c) the frum voter is utterly devoid of political literacy, critical thinking, or understanding of the 613 mitzvot.  When I said the GOP was evil, that wasn't an exaggeration.  The Onion captured it spot-on "Romney commits gaffe by reading the GOP platform out loud."
  3. Look, Obama made some serious rookie mistakes about Israel but I rationalize it away thusly: (a) first, it's Hilary's fault.  While that's a joke, it's also very true. She's been a terrible Secretary of State, which was predictable given that she's a female Mitt Romney (see below for why); (b) much of the blame of Israel-US tension must lay at the feet of Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman.  I am a Likudnik, but those guys are just clowns.  Bibi alienates *everybody* and Lieberman is a crude fascist; (c) lastly, let's remember that nothing actually bad happened to Israel under Obama.  As opposed to under Bush - i.e. the Iraq war debacle, the propping up of Hamas, just look under my tag for "Bush Bad for Israel."   Considering that there's no chance that Romney will be any different from Bush, the choice is clear.

  4. My support for Obama is not because he's black, but a certain amount of my fervor for his re-election comes from wanting to poke racists in the eye.  The racism that has been uncovered these past years has been truly horrible.   And racism is something every Jew should be committed to destroy, both because its evil and because we're second on the 'lynch list' of the Obama Haters.  This is something my Republican Jewish friends just don't understand... most of them have lived their whole lives in the Northeast, in major Jewish centers, and they just delude themselves into thinking that they would even be considered Republicans anywhere else in America.   Some of them buy into the whole GOP nonsense as a result, without realizing that a Mississippi Republican white male would be as happy to shoot and skin them as cross the street.

    Since I believe his reelection will further crush the scummy crest of racism in this country, or more importantly a Obama defeat will inflate the racists horrible worldview, we really need him to be re-elected.

  5. That said, Obama's race is one reason why both 2008 and 2012 are so close.  If a white male from a Southern state were on top of the ticket right now, this would be near to a blowout.  Of course, that's a bit of a flaky subjunctive, because I could argue that (a) the reason why the GOP has been taken over my the Legion of Doom is largely because they actively seek the groundswell grassroots of the 47% (made up number) of Americans who are irredeemably racist.  In order to get people to forget just how world-screwingly bad Bush was, the GOP seized on the scumbag underbelly of America, and that forced them to try to destroy everything about Obama.  Potentially, a White Southern Male Democrat incumbent would be facing a credible Republican party instead of this ragged mess of fundamentalist hoodlums.

  6. Many people don't get the point, though, about how racism has kept the GOP in fighting contention.  Considering the GOP has declared war on women, gays, immigrants and science, the new generation of voters are being shown that the GOP is unable to legislate or govern.  In 2016, if the Democrat is white, the GOP will really find out how sunk they are.  West Virginia will suddenly be Blue again (and possibly a few other states, just look at what Clinton won in 1996:

  7. The GOP is thus enjoying a temporary reprieve for their descent into evil.  Will they continue this?  One way to understand this is in historical terms, is the GOP in 2012 the Democrats of 1924 or 1972.  '72 is more recent and thus more familiar.  Basically, the anti-war insane liberal wing of the Democrats took over the national machinery and basically rendered all Democratic nominees from 1972 to 1988 unelectable.  This is a long discussion (and I think I've covered the ground before) but if given half a chance, Democratic primary voters seem to prefer vapid bland technocrats like John Kerry if given half a chance.  Clinton was able to break that mold and the party is now a very robust big tent.  Case in point, Obama has better foreign policy chops than the GOP, that hearkens back to the FDR-JFK era. To apply to the GOP - have they gone so far off the deep-end that they will be extremely out-of-step from the US mindset for 20 years (starting with 2008, even though the full descent into Lawful Evil was in 2004)?

    The 1924 Democrats are another example. After Wilson, the Democrats descending into anarchy. The 1924 Democratic convention was dominated by the KKK which is the context for Will Rogers' famous quip: "I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat." The election was a blowout, and a specific reaction to the racist filth of the Democrats. See how the map below is like an inverse of our current map, with the Demos carrying only the solid South:

    The lesson for the Republicans is that they can recover like the Democrats did in 1932 - by repudiating their own KKK (the Tea Party) and embracing normal policies
I have more to say before the returns come in and that will be in the next post.

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