Thursday, February 18, 2010


Not sure why, but I was reminded recently about how much I like Jon Lovitz. It's this 80s Nostalgia stuff that we gen-Xers are allowing ourselves, who knows. Lovitz was consistantly weird and funny (and, evidently he beat up Andy Dick in 2007 - which is more than I'd dare imagine a comedic hero doing). Maybe the nostalgia was fueled by someone mentioning the state of Oklahoma.

So after looking all over the intertubes, I just can't find a clip of the super-wonderful Jon Lovitz SNL sketch from 1987: "Wedgie Fever." A sketch that permanently changed the nations view of, and pronunciation thereto, of Oklahoma.

I did find the pic from here though, and while searching the official NBC SNL clip site, I came across these two clips from the 80s which can satisfy some of the nostalgia cravings.

The first is Lovitz - who is underrated, possibly because he's quite strange - as Mephistopheles in the People's Court:

The second is possibly one of the finest from the Reagan era, if not all time. It's just a snippet of the brilliant sketch of Reagan as a competent world leader:


Jay said...

Finally, finally I have been vindicated! Nobody believes that this sketch existed! My kids look at me weird when I can't pronounce Ooooooooklahoooooomaaaa normally. Now I can show them the pic as proof! Now everyone will respect me again!

JC said...

Jay, I feel your pain. I am still looking for the actual clip.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I have quoted Wedgie Fever for years. I wish they'd release the video