Saturday, March 07, 2009

Leonard Cohen is One of Us

I came across Leonard Cohen the way most people did - through Jeffrey Buckley's cover of Cohen's Hallelujah. The lyrics were amazing, and Buckley really sang the heck out of it (and the fact that Buckley suicided soon afterward gave extra pathos to the song.

But I was intrigued enough by the lyrics that I sought out the original version... and, when I heard *that*, I thought it was a joke. Compared to his natural cognate, Bob Dylan, Cohen's lyrics are better but his voice is worse! Yes, it's possible.

So I kept a space in my mind for honor for Cohen while staying far away from his mumbly monotone singing. But just now, I read a NYTimes story that says that Cohen is shomer shabbat! Which now raises my esteem for him to the highest level.

h.t. Imshin, pic from here, Backpost finished 2009-12-06.

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