Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steelers Week 16, pre-game, Playoffs?!

We don't deserve to get to the playoffs given our cruddy defense this year and the winnable games we let slide through our fingers.  But our offense is powerful and it would be nice, real nice, to make it.   Our destiny is not in our hands.  The best we can be is 8-8 and that means all of this needs to happen for us to win:
  1. Win the next 2 games (@GB, Cleveland)
  2. Miami (8-6) must lose the next 2
  3. Baltimore (8-6) must lose the next 2
  4. San Diego (7-7) must lose at least 1
  5. and the tricky kicker, the Jets (6-8) must win the next 2 because if they are 8-8, they knock out the Dolphins in their division and then the Steelers knock them out due to beating them in the regular season
What this means for this week is:
  1. 1pm, MIA @ BUF - Buffalo must win.  Oy.  
  2. 1pm, CLE @ NYJ - Jets must win.  
  3. 4pm, PIT @ GB - naturally we must win or all this is moot
  4. 4pm, OAK @ SND - it'd be nice for OAK to win, but that's a long shot
  5. 4pm, NE @ BAL - gotta root for the Patriots, yuk
What this means is that by 4pm, if either Buffalo or the Jets lose then the Steelers are out.   And in the huge long shot chance that they both win, I'll need the Steelers and the Patriots to win (which I'm more comfortable hoping for).

I'll wait until tonight to go through the rest of the scenario, but those two 1pm games are scary.

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